Keeping children and families healthy and well… a gentle alternative to traditional chiropractic care.

Rochester Chiropractor is Helping Children and Families Get and Stay Well…

Welcome to the Live Well Center of Rochester, where we are dedicated to growing a healthy, safe community by improving the health and wellness of families in Rochester. Since 1999 we’ve been providing a low force alternative to traditional chiropractic to help adults and children with chronic or recurring health isssues, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Helping them… Get well. Stay well. Live well.

“At Live Well Rochester, we excel at helping busy moms with busy families be more productive, more energetic and more focused.” – Dr. Marc McDade

Pediatric, Neurodevelopmental and Family Health

As a chiropractor in Rochester, I always knew I wanted to help keep kids healthy and well, and have taken the extra steps to maintain a welcoming and family-friendly practice atmosphere.

Taking care of kids and adults with chronic health issues, neurodevelopmental challenges or recurrent problems, that don’t seem to be responding, requires a different approach. Our experience and additional training in neurology, pediatrics, advanced testing and low force upper cervical chiropractic care is what sets us apart. This additional training and approach is behind the awesome results we see, even in some of the toughest cases.

A Unique Approach

A core concept of chiropractic is that your body and mind are designed to heal and adapt. And that this ability to adapt and heal is dependant on a healthy brain-body connection.

At the Live Well Center of Rochester you will have a thorough exam, utilizing the latest advancements in neuro-spinal functional testing to gauge exactly what’s going on and to determine how we can help. This approach allows us to custom tailor a specific adjustment and care plan to help you attain the goals you are looking for.

And helps us get amazing results in even some of the toughest cases including:

  • Chronic health issues: migraines, fibromyalgia, sleep issues, anxiety, depression
  • Pediatric related issues: torticollis, breastfeeding issues, colic, ear infections.
  • Neurodevelopmental issues: ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, learning disorders.
  • Neurologic and neurodegenerative issues: multiple sclerosis, Parkenson’s disease, trigeminal neurology, meniere’s.

Featured in:

“Dr. McDade is not your normal chiropractor. You won’t get your neck cracked. Nothing hard will be done. He’s a spinal chiropractor. I was referred to him 10 years ago. My three brothers go to him. My wife does too. A dozen or so of my friends are patients also. I just went to him two days ago and my neck pain is gone. He’s amazing. If nothing has worked for you, you’ve got to give him a try. Thanks Dr Marc for all you’ve done for me and my family. I appreciate it!”

Greg Colosi

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