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ADHD Exercise Guide For Parents in Rochester, NY

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Your child’s brain heals, grows and matures quickly when it receives the proper amount and types of sensory stimulation from the environment and their body.  Break-throughs in brain development have found core strength and balance are keys to organizing brain balance helping it mature.

You can use this knowledge along with our parent’s guide “Three Exercises that Calm, Focus and Rebalance Your Child’s ADHD Brain” to begin changing the way your child’s brain functions.

All three ADHD exercises in this parents guide are

  • free
  • take no equipment and
  • can be learned in a matter of minutes

Best of all they get results and will help your child focus, self regulate their mood and have a higher quality of life.

Calm, Balance and Refocus Their Brain, Their Body, Their Energy and Their Mood.

If you are the parent of a child with ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder and have been looking for a drug-free way of helping your child

  • Focus their attention
  • Improve their ability to do well in school
  • Self regulate their mood and behavior
  • Develop better coordination
  • Enjoy better relationships with peer

Then this parents guide is an absolute must read.

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Dr. Marc McDade’s Bio

Dr. Marc McDade has been helping familes from all across Western NY see lasting improvement in all types of chronic health issues seen in children and adults.   He has published several free resources for parents and individuals including: “A Migraine Sufferers Guide to Natural Relief” | “3 Exercises to Calm, Focus and Rebalance Your Child’s ADHD Brain…A Parent’s Guide” | “Unlock Your Child’s Brain…A ‘New Level of Thinking’ Regarding Neuro-Developmental Disorders”.  And routinely presents on these topic for local parents, educators and healthcare providers.